With in few years of take-off, NPCC had to its credit, completion of some large projects in Pakistan i.e. Electrification of SCARP tube wells, 132kV Substations and Transmission lines, Gas turbine Power Plants, Industrial and Rural Electrification. In 1977, NPCC was awarded its first major project in Saudi Arabia and over the next 3 decades, it has been successful in securing many more which includes the largest Central Electrification Scheme of Saudi Arabia. In 1989, NPCC was also awarded the prestigious project of 290 km long, 380kV transmission line, connecting Madinah Al Munawarah with Rabigh on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.

NPCC had the distinction of being amongst the selected contracting outfits who participated in the rehabilitation of Power Network in and around Kuwait City after its liberation from Iraq in early 1991. The work involved emergency repairs and putting into service of 300kV and 132kV transmision lines and was carried out in very hazardous post-war field conditions. NPCC is privilaged to have recently sercured contracts of distinguished clients such as DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) and CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor - Pakistan).

Ongoing Projects

Contract No Client/s Project Period Value
4400010741 NGSA-EOA Construction of 115kV Double Circuit OHTL from new Abqaiq Central 230/115kV BSP to Foodah 115/13.8kV Substation 2018 – 2020 SR. 36,300,104.00
4400010772 SEC-WOA Construction of 380kV D/C OHTL Works Between MDS – TBH PP and TBH PP – MDE 2018 – 2019 SR. 88,550,000.00
4400010313 NGSA-COA Connection of New Al-Dirriyah S/S 8232 with 132kV Network in Riyadh Area 2018 – 2020 SR 32,214,765.00
4400010048 NGSA-WOA Coating of Insulators of OHTL at WOA 11/15/2016 SR 44,128,000.00
4400007762 NGSA-WOA Integration of 380/110kV Hunayn BSP with 110kV Network Makkah. (OHTL Portion) 2016-2018 SR 21,632,000.00
4400007144 NGSA-WOA Installation of 110kV Underground Cables for Al-Nakheel S/S, Madinah 2016-2018 SR 18,916,789.00
4400007278 NGSA-EOA Construction of 115kV Overhead Transmission Lines for Interconnection of Nariyah North 380/115/33kV BSP to the Existing 115kV Network
Execution of all Civil and Misc. work & Financing of Project.
2015-2018 SR 128,463,160.00
4400007279 NGSA-EOA Installation of 115 kV Underground Cables for the Integration of Hafar Al-Batin-6 115 / 13.8 kV Substation 2015-2018 SR 34,267,994.00
21201049 NGSA-WOA Installation of 110KV Power & FO Cables for Al-Khandaq S/S at Madinah Al-Munawarah 2012 – 2018 SR 173,736,405.00

Recent Completed Projects

Contract No Client/s Project Period Value
4400005270 SEC-SOA Construction of 380kV Double Circuit OHTL between Madhaya BSP and Jazan Refinery Power Plant / Kudmi BSP 2015 – 2017 SR. 394,426,419.86
4400004069 NGSA-WOA Replacement of Conductors and Hardware for the Portions of two Double Circuit OHTLs at WOA (380kV OHTL Rabigh - Madinah & 380kV OHTL Rabigh -HVE Jeddah) 2014 – 2017 SR. 36,427,810.00
31131145/00 SEC-WOA Construction of 380kV D/C OHTL from Jeddah South P/P to Al-Masha’ar BSP 2013-2016 SR 205,368,190.61
31131146/00 SEC-WOA Construction of 380kV D/C OHTL from Jeddah South P/P to Al-Adel BSP 2013-2016 SR 102,393,000
21131114/00 SEC-WOA 380kV Overhead Transmission Line Works Associated with Al-Sanabl 380/110kV BSP 2011-2014 SR 322,184,178.44
31121062/00 SEC-WOA Construction of Shoaiba-II Transmission Line Cycle Power Plant Project (Daelim) 2012-2014 SR 24,546,206.00
21033091/00 SEC-WOA Stringing of relocation works for 380kV OHTL works and relocation of T/ L - Power supply to HHR ( L & T ) 2012 - 2014 SR 5,750,000.00
11031021/00 SEC-COA Construction of foundation for two (2) towers and assembly & erection of two (2) towers & three (3) gantries along with Stringing works (Al-Osais Inabensa Co. Ltd.) 2012-2014 SR 1,830,000.00
4400001606 OHTL Portion related to HHR - 1
4400001763 OHTL Portion related to Bahra - 2
4400001605 OHTL Portion related to Azizia - 3
SEC-WOA Turnkey execution of 380kV T/Line portion of 7.3 km (OJAIMI) 2013-2015 SR 31,664,000.00

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